New Assignment: End of year brief (Type portfolio 1)

For the end of year brief it says that i am allowed to choose 2 or 3 of the selected briefs that they have gave me and these are the ones i chose

End of Year Brief:


Undertake any small typographic project that you think will show off your skills. You may use imagery but typography must be the significant part.

This could be anything you choose, such as: a simple layout, set a poem or lyric, a typographic poster, a logo. Please discuss your choice with a tutor before you start.

You will need to write out a very short brief to say what you intend to do. You will need series of posts in your blog to show your development.


On the website of Jonathan Barnbrook is a brief written by him that asks students to invent a new punctuation mark (brief 02).

You can find this at: . It is the second of the three briefs there.

So pretty much in the first sub-brief i have to show my skills in typography by creating any sort of imagery but i have to create something that will be focused on the type i use and for the second brief i have to create my own punctuation mark


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