FMP – Evaluation

I am incredibly happy with the outcomes of my FMP, Although it is not exactly what i expected to come out with when I first started this project, its pretty much just as good as to what i wanted. I would say this was a successful project for me as I sat myself multiple challenges at the start of this project as well as along the way and i think i have conquered them all. I think that i have widened my knowledge a bit more of photoshop and improved my skills as an illustrator through doing this project.

However, i do believe that i had poor time management throughout this entire project. I took a long time and left it nearly at the last minute to start the designing process, i feel like if i have started much sooner, i would have had more final pieces to show and possibly would have found a better way to present my final design rather as just posters. Another thing that i did not managed that well was writing/recording everything i did as well as thoughts and ideas straight after i acquired them. This is something that i keep meaning to do but have always struggled doing so.

The major thing i like about what i have done is that each final design is different and better from the one before and this is good because this shows that i am improving and have found my suitable area. I enjoyed doing the first landscape concept art i did for my APP and enjoyed doing this even more. So hopefully expanding my skills into this area as a concept artist might lead me to some promising areas in the future of my life. I think the next thing for me to do as a concept artist is to try out the traiditonal oils and paints and experiment with different programs.

My favourite design would be the ‘Glacies’ landscape concept design because i just love how it turned out and i love how it all turned out with the ice looking really cool and the light bringing the majestic feel to the design.

My least favourite would be the ‘Montibus’ landscape concept design because i personally thought it was less interesting than the other designs as well as i just thought it was the harder design to do. It was the hardest one to do mainly because of the grass, i couldnt get the right shadings on it and in some places you can see where i have slacked and looks rushed. It was a pain to make and this is something i will need to improve on in the future – grass.


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