FMP – Evaluation

I am incredibly happy with the outcomes of my FMP, Although it is not exactly what i expected to come out with when I first started this project, its pretty much just as good as to what i wanted. I would say this was a successful project for me as I sat myself multiple challenges at the start of this project as well as along the way and i think i have conquered them all. I think that i have widened my knowledge a bit more of photoshop and improved my skills as an illustrator through doing this project.

However, i do believe that i had poor time management throughout this entire project. I took a long time and left it nearly at the last minute to start the designing process, i feel like if i have started much sooner, i would have had more final pieces to show and possibly would have found a better way to present my final design rather as just posters. Another thing that i did not managed that well was writing/recording everything i did as well as thoughts and ideas straight after i acquired them. This is something that i keep meaning to do but have always struggled doing so.

The major thing i like about what i have done is that each final design is different and better from the one before and this is good because this shows that i am improving and have found my suitable area. I enjoyed doing the first landscape concept art i did for my APP and enjoyed doing this even more. So hopefully expanding my skills into this area as a concept artist might lead me to some promising areas in the future of my life. I think the next thing for me to do as a concept artist is to try out the traiditonal oils and paints and experiment with different programs.

My favourite design would be the ‘Glacies’ landscape concept design because i just love how it turned out and i love how it all turned out with the ice looking really cool and the light bringing the majestic feel to the design.

My least favourite would be the ‘Montibus’ landscape concept design because i personally thought it was less interesting than the other designs as well as i just thought it was the harder design to do. It was the hardest one to do mainly because of the grass, i couldnt get the right shadings on it and in some places you can see where i have slacked and looks rushed. It was a pain to make and this is something i will need to improve on in the future – grass.

FMP – Dungeness

For our last bomb project, we had to go to Dungeness and visit the RSPB which is one of the places that they are sat up at.

“The RSPB is the UK charity working to secure a healthy environment for birds and all wildlife, helping to create a better world for everyone.”

There was really nothing special about this bomb project, no limits as to what we need to do or anything restricting us. All we pretty much had to do was create anything in relation to the visit to Dungeness.

While I was at Dungeness, I thought I would take multiple photos to show what it’s like there and to capture the silent beauty that is keeping the wildlife healthy.

My first reactions when I saw what Dungeness looked like, I thought it was dull and boring, nothing great or fun to do which is kind of the point of this place. But when I came out of this place, I still thought it was dull and boring but then I started to realize that this place has its own fun. The main fun is targeted towards bird watchers and people who love the wildlife. The only problem was, I had no idea what birds were what and where to find them so I just looked like a stranger wandering around aimlessly but I did like the long walk as it was very chill and relaxing, it made me think that it was just me and the wildlife, I couldn’t hear any traffic, no people chatting, no distractions or noises, just wildlife and I liked it.

For my piece for this Dungeness bomb project, I thought I would go for a little comedic/sarcastic route and the idea popped into my head when I saw this sign along the boring walk I had at the compound:

Digital Camera

When I first saw this, i chuckled a bit. In its own way, it is a great view but I believe either that this post is in the wrong place or we came to Dungeness when it’s at its most boring stage of the year.

So on to the small postcard/poster design i did (step by step):


So the first thing I did was duplicate the layer and put a decent amount of gaussian blur on it.


Then I duplicated the first layer that didn’t have anything added or edited to it and got the pen tool and went around the wooden frame both on the outside and inside and deleted everything except the frame and the ‘Amazing view’ text.


I then got one of the other photos that I took that I thought was an alright but boring view and shrunk it down and stuck it inside the frame.



I then started adding adjustments layers on top of the design to give the quick design a more interesting look.


Finally, I added some text under the frame and there you go, my quick small A5 poster/postcard.

I would have created something much more creative than this but I was focusing on my FMP at the time I done this quick design. But I think people might get the point behind the design: Dungeness is just a boring piece of land (my opinion). I wish I could have taken photos of birds but I really wouldn’t see any on my trip around the compound.

FMP – ‘Fire’ Development

So for this design i am going to try and keep the concept design as close as to the description of the planet called TrES-2b.

“This strange, dark and menacing planet named ‘TrES-2b’ is located around 750 light years away from our solar system. As far as we know it is officially the darkest planet in the entire universe. It reflects less than 1% of all light that hits it, making it significantly darker than the majority of known planets. It’s dark surface can be partially explained by the light absorbent gasses that make up the bulk of the planet. But scientists don’t really know for sure why it is so dark. Also Not only does this evil looking ball of gas not reflect any light, it actually glows a molten red color, as if it’s a hot ball of coal on a fire. The surface of the planet is roughly around 1,100 degrees Celsius, which is said that its so hot that the planet itself glows red.”

At the start of going through to design this piece of concept art, i had no idea of how to portray the planet but the idea i had was to keep the entire design dark, show strong winds and maybe show why the winds/gas in the air is glowing red.

To start off this design, i wanted to get the background done first which would be the dark black and glowing red winds/gas in a storm but i had no idea on how to actually portray winds because ive never had experience at all drawing some sort of storm.

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So immediately i just started swiping and mashing random dark colours together with a tad of orange in it and i just started messing around with different blurs including motion blur and gaussian blur which somewhat gave a really nice and spooky effect for me to work around. This would be my background and base colours to work with.

As the planet glows red, in the mean time i started playing around with the adjustment layers and i changed the brightness/constrast that made the design a lot darker and i changed the hue a bit so that instead of being orange, the main color other than black/dark gray would be red.


So now you can see that its in a way a dark storm.

The next step was to add the land of this planet but there are a few things that i will need to take into considertion, like:

-The planet is hot so there would be alot of heat waves

-Only 1% of lights reflects/comes into the planet.

-The only color on this planet that can be seen is red.

-This planet is close to its sun.

When taking these into consideration, there wont be a lot to look at but thats the challenge im willing to accept. As its a hot planet and the storms/gas/winds has a re glow to it, my only solution/idea for this is that the winds on this planet is very strong and that the surface is full of lava and volcanoes so im going to go with this idea as i think it would be cool to show this.

I had to look at lava and volcanoes to get an idea of how i could portray it on my design.

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Creating the landscape, i pretty much got a gravel texture and edited it so that it looks like it has a roughish terrain, then cause the planet is hot and there is going to be slight heat waves coming off the surface, i blurred the texture. I then darkened the surface a lot using curves and after that i was satisfied with the tone of the surface, i started editing the storms a bit more to make it look more complex and darker.

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Next, i started adding the small detail of the lava and small surface eruption. I Used brush strokes to create the lava streams and I duplicated the layers and used guassian blur on the duplicated layers to create the glow. I currently dont like how the lava looks but i will fix this later on but this composition needed to be a bit lighter especailly as lava does glow quite a bit and does give off a lot of light, especailly in a dark environment, so i used an adjustment layer (brightness/contrast) to sort out the lighting on the concept art.

After a little bit of experimenting, i discovered a effect called shear which essentially lets you distort whatever you want with a weird motion blur. I ued this effect on a duplicated layer of the unedited image of the gravel texture and i overlayed it on top of all of the lava and the surface and I pretty much lowered the opacity on this and it gave this weird wavy and yet beautiful effect that i think really improved this piece for me.

“Shear tool is used to shift one part of an image, a layer, a selection or a path to a direction and the other part to the opposite direction. For instance, a horizontal shearing will shift the upper part to the right and the lower part to the left.”

I then changed the brightness/contrast of the design as well as the saturation and vibrance to make sure that the lava and the surrounding land’s light (from the lava) is just right.

I renamed this to the planet ‘Ignis’ which is the Latin word for ‘Fire’ and the small description of the design says “A planet infested by thick dark storms and lava”.

Simply because there isnt enough time, i dont think i will be able to do another design but so far i think this project has been going well for me and i am very happy with the results and how i accomplished making these landscape concept designs. I wish i had more time to design but then again i spent most of my time researching which i really should have stopped mid way through and start the designing process earlier. Although i had poor time management, i am happy that i did this project because this is something i would like to keep exploring in the future.

FMP – ‘Ice’ Development pt.2

After evaluating and looking at the design and carefully planning on what I should do next, I decided to start and develop the sky/background a bit more as it kinda just looks like a plain sky and not majestic at all.


I then decided to light the sky up a bit more with some color curves and I put the blue value up a bunch to get beautiful and very bright aqua blue clouds/sky.


Using the adjustment layers, I was able to make the composition look more clear and it would have a better color range as the saturation/vibrancy was also boosted up.


I also played around with some of the colors on the ground to match the color of the sky as well as I darkened down some areas on the ground as part of the shading process. Additionally, I finally sorted out the sky to how I personally wanted it to be. I think to make this design look a bit more exquisite is probably to make it more colorful than it actually is right now and possibly makes some of the elements in the design glow.

I keep looking back at what is meant to be ice on the ground and thinking that it doesn’t look right.


So I went back to the brush strokes that were meant to be ice and started messing around with the blending options. I looked at ice in general to get a better understanding of what the lighting/shading looks like when looking through them. I noticed in most of the images of ice I looked at, there were a lot of wavy lines defining theIshape of the ice with the help of the light, the directions was coming from.

The way that I made the ice look much better and a bit more unique than before is that i used the blending options/effect and I used bevel & emboss, outer glow and drop shadow. The outcome of the ice was fully experimental and not planned and I’m very glad that I did mess around with the settings of the ice layers. I think that the way the ice looks now is intriguing because in a way, looking at makes you want to see more.


Where ever the light was shining towards is where the ice would have the wavy shadings so I went through the design to make sure that it all look just right. I also added some glow to the sky which most definitely improved the whole design.

I then brightened up the surface of the planet a bit so that it matches the sky and I made sure that you everything looks alright including the very background of this land. I made sure that the fog was at the right opacity so that the further you look in the distance, the harder it is to see objects and I think I worked out wonderfully.

Also i looked at pictures where the sunlight were going through clouds and trees to help me do the same for this design but in a more cloudy state because if there was a lot of sunlight going through the clouds then the ice would melt unless this is some powerful ice or that the sun in this solar system isn’t as hot as our sun.


Once I was happy with the design, I went ahead and named the planet ‘Glacies’ which is the Latin meaning for ‘Ice’ and I put a small descritption of what the planet is: “A rocky and icy planet with a majestic glow”.

This is the third design for my FMP that I have done so far. The next design I hope to do is something to do with the darkest planet that has been discovered so far by astronauts. All we know about this planet so far is that the planet only reflects less than 1% of any light that hits it and its close to its sun. Also not only does this evil looking ball of gas not reflect any light, it actually glows a molten red color, which I think would be a cool opportunity to do show what I think the surface of this planet looks like. But I will be using a different name for the planet thou.


FMP – ‘Ice’ Development pt.1

Coming up with ideas for the 3rd design for my FMP was a bit difficult and I had some problems of what I could do but at this point in the designing process, considering that I’ve done two pieces already that the earth already has but portrayed in a different way, i thought I would continue the slight trend of using Earth’s elements or even environments to help me come up with ideas.

For this specific design, I will be going to use a photo from the many that I took when I visited Iceland not too long ago.


I think this image is perfect to use and the reason why I chose this image over the others is that for this design I would like to do another smooth, not rough landscape terrain. Plus I believe this will give some practice with trying to get depth and shading right as well as reflections. Also, this image will just be one giant reference for me to use. For this concept art, I want to show that this planet is an icy planet but is very beautiful at the same time so a goal for me for this concept design is to capture that beauty.

So to start off the design I put the photo into Photoshop and I started on the rocky surface first.


I went over the landscape of the photo I took quickly with the brush tool and used multiple colors that sort of represents the colors of the ground in the photo. I decided to only do the ground like a sketch at the moment but later on, I will change this to make it look better that what it is currently.


Then I added a small and light texture over the brush strokes which will help me later on. It’s pretty much to make the ground look more like a ground than just strokes of colors.

Now that I quickly sketched out the floor, its time to draw the ice for the composition. I used a light blue/gray instead of pure white as ice normally has a bluish/grayish shimmer/shine to it. The further away the land got the smaller the brush strokes became, this is to bring the 3d depth/perspective into the design.


After I did the base of the ice, I then put the ground and the ice together to see if they go well together


After I made sure that everything looks good enough, it was time to start on the sky and the reason for this is because once I have the base of the light in the composition then I can start to do the shading. For the sky, I used a very light blue color to a light gray gradient because this is a planet that is full of ice so I thought that when the light shines on the ice, it would reflect the blue/gray everywhere.


Next step is to play around with the sky and see if I can get it to look majestic.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Using the brush tool and the burn tool, I was able to create powerful clouds to almost cover up the entire sky. I am not happy with how it looks currently but I will fix it later, at the moment it’s going to stay there as a guide as to where the main light is coming from which is in between the dark clouds. Hopefully, this will help me with creating an atmospheric design that looks real as well as a fantasy.

I started to mess around with the adjustment layers and changing up the brightness/contrast to the ground and sky look better and somewhat slightly match the color scheme. Also, I blurred out the background a bit as well as the ground/surface of the land so the colors blend together a bit to create a nice looking piece of land.

Hopefully, next, I will be able to sort of the clouds a bit more and I will also have to sort out the lighting out because currently there isn’t much of it. But so far I’m really liking the results.