FMP – ‘Ice’ Development pt.2

After evaluating and looking at the design and carefully planning on what I should do next, I decided to start and develop the sky/background a bit more as it kinda just looks like a plain sky and not majestic at all.


I then decided to light the sky up a bit more with some color curves and I put the blue value up a bunch to get beautiful and very bright aqua blue clouds/sky.


Using the adjustment layers, I was able to make the composition look more clear and it would have a better color range as the saturation/vibrancy was also boosted up.


I also played around with some of the colors on the ground to match the color of the sky as well as I darkened down some areas on the ground as part of the shading process. Additionally, I finally sorted out the sky to how I personally wanted it to be. I think to make this design look a bit more exquisite is probably to make it more colorful than it actually is right now and possibly makes some of the elements in the design glow.

I keep looking back at what is meant to be ice on the ground and thinking that it doesn’t look right.


So I went back to the brush strokes that were meant to be ice and started messing around with the blending options. I looked at ice in general to get a better understanding of what the lighting/shading looks like when looking through them. I noticed in most of the images of ice I looked at, there were a lot of wavy lines defining theIshape of the ice with the help of the light, the directions was coming from.

The way that I made the ice look much better and a bit more unique than before is that i used the blending options/effect and I used bevel & emboss, outer glow and drop shadow. The outcome of the ice was fully experimental and not planned and I’m very glad that I did mess around with the settings of the ice layers. I think that the way the ice looks now is intriguing because in a way, looking at makes you want to see more.


Where ever the light was shining towards is where the ice would have the wavy shadings so I went through the design to make sure that it all look just right. I also added some glow to the sky which most definitely improved the whole design.

I then brightened up the surface of the planet a bit so that it matches the sky and I made sure that you everything looks alright including the very background of this land. I made sure that the fog was at the right opacity so that the further you look in the distance, the harder it is to see objects and I think I worked out wonderfully.

Also i looked at pictures where the sunlight were going through clouds and trees to help me do the same for this design but in a more cloudy state because if there was a lot of sunlight going through the clouds then the ice would melt unless this is some powerful ice or that the sun in this solar system isn’t as hot as our sun.


Once I was happy with the design, I went ahead and named the planet ‘Glacies’ which is the Latin meaning for ‘Ice’ and I put a small descritption of what the planet is: “A rocky and icy planet with a majestic glow”.

This is the third design for my FMP that I have done so far. The next design I hope to do is something to do with the darkest planet that has been discovered so far by astronauts. All we know about this planet so far is that the planet only reflects less than 1% of any light that hits it and its close to its sun. Also not only does this evil looking ball of gas not reflect any light, it actually glows a molten red color, which I think would be a cool opportunity to do show what I think the surface of this planet looks like. But I will be using a different name for the planet thou.



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