FMP – ‘Ice’ Development pt.1

Coming up with ideas for the 3rd design for my FMP was a bit difficult and I had some problems of what I could do but at this point in the designing process, considering that I’ve done two pieces already that the earth already has but portrayed in a different way, i thought I would continue the slight trend of using Earth’s elements or even environments to help me come up with ideas.

For this specific design, I will be going to use a photo from the many that I took when I visited Iceland not too long ago.


I think this image is perfect to use and the reason why I chose this image over the others is that for this design I would like to do another smooth, not rough landscape terrain. Plus I believe this will give some practice with trying to get depth and shading right as well as reflections. Also, this image will just be one giant reference for me to use. For this concept art, I want to show that this planet is an icy planet but is very beautiful at the same time so a goal for me for this concept design is to capture that beauty.

So to start off the design I put the photo into Photoshop and I started on the rocky surface first.


I went over the landscape of the photo I took quickly with the brush tool and used multiple colors that sort of represents the colors of the ground in the photo. I decided to only do the ground like a sketch at the moment but later on, I will change this to make it look better that what it is currently.


Then I added a small and light texture over the brush strokes which will help me later on. It’s pretty much to make the ground look more like a ground than just strokes of colors.

Now that I quickly sketched out the floor, its time to draw the ice for the composition. I used a light blue/gray instead of pure white as ice normally has a bluish/grayish shimmer/shine to it. The further away the land got the smaller the brush strokes became, this is to bring the 3d depth/perspective into the design.


After I did the base of the ice, I then put the ground and the ice together to see if they go well together


After I made sure that everything looks good enough, it was time to start on the sky and the reason for this is because once I have the base of the light in the composition then I can start to do the shading. For the sky, I used a very light blue color to a light gray gradient because this is a planet that is full of ice so I thought that when the light shines on the ice, it would reflect the blue/gray everywhere.


Next step is to play around with the sky and see if I can get it to look majestic.

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Using the brush tool and the burn tool, I was able to create powerful clouds to almost cover up the entire sky. I am not happy with how it looks currently but I will fix it later, at the moment it’s going to stay there as a guide as to where the main light is coming from which is in between the dark clouds. Hopefully, this will help me with creating an atmospheric design that looks real as well as a fantasy.

I started to mess around with the adjustment layers and changing up the brightness/contrast to the ground and sky look better and somewhat slightly match the color scheme. Also, I blurred out the background a bit as well as the ground/surface of the land so the colors blend together a bit to create a nice looking piece of land.

Hopefully, next, I will be able to sort of the clouds a bit more and I will also have to sort out the lighting out because currently there isn’t much of it. But so far I’m really liking the results.


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