FMP – Dungeness

For our last bomb project, we had to go to Dungeness and visit the RSPB which is one of the places that they are sat up at.

“The RSPB is the UK charity working to secure a healthy environment for birds and all wildlife, helping to create a better world for everyone.”

There was really nothing special about this bomb project, no limits as to what we need to do or anything restricting us. All we pretty much had to do was create anything in relation to the visit to Dungeness.

While I was at Dungeness, I thought I would take multiple photos to show what it’s like there and to capture the silent beauty that is keeping the wildlife healthy.

My first reactions when I saw what Dungeness looked like, I thought it was dull and boring, nothing great or fun to do which is kind of the point of this place. But when I came out of this place, I still thought it was dull and boring but then I started to realize that this place has its own fun. The main fun is targeted towards bird watchers and people who love the wildlife. The only problem was, I had no idea what birds were what and where to find them so I just looked like a stranger wandering around aimlessly but I did like the long walk as it was very chill and relaxing, it made me think that it was just me and the wildlife, I couldn’t hear any traffic, no people chatting, no distractions or noises, just wildlife and I liked it.

For my piece for this Dungeness bomb project, I thought I would go for a little comedic/sarcastic route and the idea popped into my head when I saw this sign along the boring walk I had at the compound:

Digital Camera

When I first saw this, i chuckled a bit. In its own way, it is a great view but I believe either that this post is in the wrong place or we came to Dungeness when it’s at its most boring stage of the year.

So on to the small postcard/poster design i did (step by step):


So the first thing I did was duplicate the layer and put a decent amount of gaussian blur on it.


Then I duplicated the first layer that didn’t have anything added or edited to it and got the pen tool and went around the wooden frame both on the outside and inside and deleted everything except the frame and the ‘Amazing view’ text.


I then got one of the other photos that I took that I thought was an alright but boring view and shrunk it down and stuck it inside the frame.



I then started adding adjustments layers on top of the design to give the quick design a more interesting look.


Finally, I added some text under the frame and there you go, my quick small A5 poster/postcard.

I would have created something much more creative than this but I was focusing on my FMP at the time I done this quick design. But I think people might get the point behind the design: Dungeness is just a boring piece of land (my opinion). I wish I could have taken photos of birds but I really wouldn’t see any on my trip around the compound.


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