FMP – Slight change of direction

The interim crit went very i would say. I have come out with more ideas than i came in with. All with the help from my fellow tutors and students. When i went in, i didnt know what direction i was heading or what i was going to do for the other pieces for FMP. Considering the goal was to get around 5 landscape concept arts done for this and with the ideas and suggestions that other people had for me, has really helped me. But there was one suggestion/idea that sparked with me and ill be going towards.

The main suggestion/idea that gave me a direction to go to was to use and make these concept arts for the exoplanets that have been discovered by people already (ive spoken about some of the planets here). I think this is a great idea and I will most likely use this idea but instead of using the names that people have already gave the exoplanets that ill be drawing my own landscape concept art on, ill be using a different name, ones that matches their environments.

Another subject that was discussed was the final outcome, for example at the start of the project, i thought it would be able to do a book with these concept designs in them but once i discussed what i could potentially do, i came out the interim crit with the idea of only just using the designs as sort of posters and just leave the designs as they are.

But I think I will keep to the subject that these concept arts are for a made up movie that will feature the landscape concept designs that i come up with. This way it would be easier to explain the purpose of the reason why im doing these designs because I have a client behind it all instead of myself.

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