FMP – ‘Ocean’ Development pt.3

Now that I have done the main foundation of the floating rock design, I can begin to start adding them to the design.


Once I placed several of the floating lands in the positions that I thought were good, I started messing around in photoshop a bit more with the lighting and shadows to get this concept design to look better and a bit more photo-realistic.

Once I added the shading and lighting to make the image better, I was pretty much at the end of this designing part for this concept art. All I need to do was change a few settings and maybe create a color correction within the design to make it look more mysterious and epic.

But I realized that the color correction that I added had ruined the cool toned feel towards this concept art so I scrapped the idea of using a color correction and just used some curves to up the brightness/contrast a bit to make the design look a bit clearer.


The only thing I need to do now is to indicate that this is some sort of concept art and by doing so, I’ll be writing the name of all the designs I do in the bottom right-hand corner of the piece in Latin.


Now this concept art design is finished.


Next step is to move onto the next design which will be a mountain based design.


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