FMP – ‘Ocean’ Development pt.2

Continuing the ‘Ocean’ landscape concept art design.

The next step is to mess around with the sky and try to make clouds that actually look convincing and to help me, I used pictures of nice looking clouds as a reference to guide me through.

Now I looked through pictures of clouds and got an idea of how I can make them look, it’s time to give it a shot in my own work.


With just using a white brush and the burn tool, I was able to create a nice horizon cloud base that looks epic and yet photo-realistic.

The next step for me is to include some sort of floating land and the idea I have is just having these floating rock type based pieces of land scattered around within the composition. In order for me to create this, I would need to look at more references to help me make the rocks look as accurate as I can.

I first sketched up a rock formation with the main two shades of color that I will be using. Then once I was happy with the shape of the rock, I started filling it in more using the brush tool and using the burn tool to give the colors a darker shade where ever I want to help keep the lighting in perspective for the rock in comparison to where the light source may be.

But I don’t just want these to be floating rocks, I would like some life to them to indicate that it is possible to live on this completely made up planet. So I thought I’d add some bushes or green element to it with the help of actually looking at trees to further my understanding of what trees may look like in a distance.


Using the same technique as before – Brush tool and burn tool – The main floating land concept is done.

Next, I’ll be putting this floating land design with the rest of the design and hopefully make the design look better and more photo-realistic and then the design will be near enough to being finished so that I can start on the second design.

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