FMP – ‘Ocean’ Development pt.1

Now that I got all of my inspirations and research, it’s about time to start the designing process of the project.

For the first concept design, the idea i have is a planet that is full of water with floating land instead of land on the horizon like you normally would see on Earth. I got the floating land idea from the movie avatar.


I started off with choosing the creating shapes and gradients of where i want the ocean to be and where to stop.

Then using real life water and oceans as references, i used them to help me create a believable water type texture using different types of shades of blue to make the ripples in the water.


Once i drew the water part of the design, i decided that having a red sky would defeat the object of having a nice blue ocean so i went ahead and change the hue and change a few settings on the ocean to try to make it look bettter so i made the water look lighter.


Then i realised that i wasnt happy with the look of a lighter ocean so i played with the settings and brightness/contrast of the ocean to adjust it to what i think would be suitable for this concept art.


Now that i have completed the ocean and somewhat pleased with the results, i will next have to sort out the sky and think about how i am going to incorporate the floating islands into the design. Also i will need to start thinking if this is just going to be landscape concept designs or will include a piece showing what the planet actually looks like.


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