FMP – ‘Mountains’ Development pt.3

The first thing I noticed when looking at the design is that the grass itself looked a bit too plain so I decided to add more shading to it to complicate it up a little bit.

Now, I think the design looks much better.

I then went ahead and started messing around with the sky using the brush tool to my advantage.


Now that I messed around with the sky, I am happy with the result. I also added another mountain in the background as I thought that it needed a bit more to the canvas.

I then messed around with the adjustment layers and created my own special colour correction for this design


I think I’m actually going to keep with this color correction and the reason for this is because as the sky is purple, I want to add a slight purple/red tint to the composition.

The next step is to put the final touch on this concept art and then it’s done which is the name of the planet and a small quote below it in the bottom right-hand corner of the composition.

Same as before I used the Latin word for mountains and used it for the name. The reason why I’m using Latin to come up with these planet names is that I generally think that Latin is a creative language and I am trying to create some sort of creative concept art so I thought it would fit perfectly and it has done so perfectly.


I am very happy with this design and I can not wait to start the next design which will most likely be a crystal or ice based planet and then maybe after that I might do a dark and windy planet.


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