FMP – ‘Mountains’ Development pt.2

Continuing from where I last left off which was the 3rd section of the design which is the final hill.

Following the same procedure as before with the grass and shading but in this case, because it is further away, the grass is going to be a lot thinner and small than the grass up close. Trying to keep the perspective and proportions correct and as photo-realistic as I can.

If you haven’t noticed already but to speed up the process of designing this piece I have copied and pasted different groups of grass sets thatIi have created but individually going through them for the shading because I want to get this right.

This is what the hill part looks like now. I’m quite happy with the result of this design so far.


Now that the hill part of the design is done, it’s time to move onto the background.

First, I decided to add some grey to the mountain to indicate rocks and then I started to add brown around the mountain area to show stuff like trees and other objects you see in nature ad last I add a darker shade at the bottom of the mountain to portray that between the hill and the mountain is a largish valley and this can help put this entire design into perspective, giving it a sense of scale.

The next step I decided to do was to give this design a bit of color, but not too much that it makes it into a fantasy world or even a nice looking place.


I pretty much drew different types of leaves and put them together to make individual plants and scattered them around the design.

I’m loving how this design is turning out so the next step for this design I think, is to just do some finishing touches and make possibly fix the sky so it looks better as well as maybe fix up a color correction to end the design.

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