FMP – ‘Mountains’ Development pt.1

The first thing I did with this design is that I drew different types of curves with the pen tool to create shapes that looked like mountains or even hills when together and used the burn tool to indicate for myself where the main shading will be within this design. Also, I have split this design into 5 sections. First 3 sections are going to be hills with grass on them, the 4th section will be the big rocky mountain in the background and the 5th section is the sky and whatever else that I decide to put on the mountain. The reason the sky is purple is that I want to take a different approach to this design than a normal blue sky, this is another planet that is not real and made up after all.


I then started messing around with the shapes a bit more using the burn tool to create more places to use as shading as well as the eraser tool to indicate where the longer pieces of grass will go.


So the first thing I did was start with the front of the design which the idea is that this is a very grassy based planet. Think of it as England but with very tall grass and loads of mountains. I did do some research to help me understand how or what grass looks like when it’s big as well as to give me a better vision of how I can create my own grass. I also added stars to the sky to show that it’s a clear sky at dusk on this planet.

To create the grass I used a brush and individually drew every strand but I didn’t do the grass as a bright green color but an orangey brown color instead, like its dying or old (which it’s not).

Along the way of creating the grass, I used the burn tool like before to create a shading for the groups of grass that I’ve put them in.

The next step is the next part of the hill/mountain and for this specific hill, I chose a different shade than I did from the previous section.

Doing the same as the previous section of the design as well as using the burn tool to my advantage to help make it look more photo-realistic, I have completed half of the design already.

The next step for me is to go ahead to finish off the last hill section and think about how I am going to make the mountain in the background look like it’s actually a mountain.


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