FMP – Inspiration from movies

I get most of my inspiration for this project from mainly science fiction movies such as Starwars, Startrek, Avatar, Interstellar, etc. Most of the inspiration could be small or big concepts within the movies but they are all inspiration for me nonetheless. All the movies that have inspired me are movies where the character within them have visited new planets out in space.


Avatar is a brilliant Sci-fi Action movie. I personally think it’s a perfect movie in the blend of action, romance, and even adventure. But the main reason I am inspired by this movie is just the landscape of the main planet that we see in the movie. One scene that caught my eye instantly was the scene where you see these floating mountains/rocks which you can see multiple times in the background of the movie as well as seeing the floating rocks up close.

I would love to add this concept of floating islands or rocks in one of my own designs or even make a planet that only has floating rocks on it instead of actual land that doesn’t float mysteriously in the air.


Interstellar is a great sci-fi movie about the earth is dying and humans need to find a habitable planet soon otherwise Humans will become extinct. I thought the movie was perfect and the visual effects and concepts within the movie were inspiring. I found many things in this movie that were inspiring especially to me. All the concepts that inspired me were other planets that the character visited throughout the movie. One of the planets that they visited was a planet that was just water and another planet they visited was an ice based planet that even the clouds are made up of an ice form.

On the Ice based planet, I really like the concept of the upside down sort of mountains and I find it quite cool but it also gets me thinking if that the mountains in the air are actually either floating or it does actually loop around and connects to the ground. Nonetheless, this planet’s landscape has caught my eye and has given me multiple ideas that I could use for my own project.

Star Trek


The new Star Trek movies have really brought the younger and older generations together bringing back memories as well as creating new ones with the new take on the star trek universe. As I wasn’t a star trek fan of any sorts, I found these sci-fi movies to be quite cool and to have different sort of planets to showcase within the movie in space has helped me come up with some ideas that I could use for my own concept designs. One plant throughout the new Star Trek movies that caught my eye was the planet Nibiru. The reason it caught my eye more than anything in the other movies is that of the plants/nature. You just don’t see a forest where the main color is red instead of green.


This scene on Nibiru has changed my thinking a lot of what other planets would look like. This has gave me a lot of ideas like what if the sky was a different colour than what Earth normally has, what if other planet’s contents – which may just be like Earth’s contents – were different colours, like what if a cabbage was black or white, or what if the ocean was purple instead of blue.

There are a lot of what if questions and I think it’s my duty for this specific project to come up with answers with concepts of what I personally think some habitable planet’s landscapes out there could look like.


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