FMP – Some Concept art that caught my eye

During the past week or so I have been keeping an eye out for concept art, whether it’s new or old, for a movie or even for a character. But the main concept art that always catches my eyes is landscape concept art which is good because that’s practically what I’m doing for this final major project.

I have saved these two beautiful landscape concept art for a while now for inspiration. The reason why I like these so much is because when you look at it, you know it’s not real or has no place on Earth but yet you wish you were there to look at the scenery. Considering that I will be designing landscapes of planets that will be featured in a completely made up film, I feel like keeping these types of concept art as an inspiration would help me develop weird and interesting ideas of what these planets would look like. I always have a few ideas, including have a concept of a glow coming through the ground of the planet just like the concept art on the right. I like that it has Earth’s features likes gravel and rocks and yet you feel like the landscape is something you would never see and would be of the origin of an alien’s planet.

All of this concept art all take the main elements that you would normally see from Earth like green grass, water, mist, clouds, etc. All of this concept art looks very convincing and photo realistic which is hopefully one of the main aspects that I will try to focus on while creating my own concept art for my FMP. One thing that I am going to try and avoid while designing concept art for new planets is to try to make them look like Earth or even something out of a fairy tale but in a way have some of Earth’s elements. I would like to create planets that have weird and harsh environments that could be inhabited. Although some of the architecture in some of these designs are nice and interesting, it is pointless for me to include such buildings in my own concept art because I’m going to be designing planets that haven’t been discovered yet but they do give me some inspiration.


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