FMP – Interesting Planets Research

To help me gather more ideas for my FMP, I went ahead and did some research of the weird and scariest planets out in space. I hope to find some planets that I could use as a reference to help design some concept ideas that could be used for this made up sci-fi movie.


This strange, dark and menacing planet named ‘TrES-2b’ is located around 750 light years away from our solar system. As far as we know it is officially the darkest planet in the entire universe. It reflects less than 1% of all light that hits it, making it significantly darker than the majority of known planets. It’s dark surface can be partially explained by the light absorbent gasses that make up the bulk of the planet. But scientists don’t really know for sure why it is so dark. Also Not only does this evil looking ball of gas not reflect any light, it actually glows a molten red color, as if it’s a hot ball of coal on a fire. The surface of the planet is roughly around 1,100 degrees Celsius, which is said that its so hot that the planet itself glows red.


Although this is a very interesting planet, i dont think i will be going ahead with designing the surface on this planet as it would be all dark and because it might be filled with some sort of gas, it would be boring to look at as a concept idea. As well as nothing could potentially live on this planet because of it’s temperature and im trying to create made up planets that anything could live on and breath normally.

Gliese 581 c

This planet is very special because it’s been voted by the scientific community as one of the top three exoplanets likely to support alien life. However its very different to Earth and the reason for this is that It orbits a red dwarf star so if you looked up into the sky it would always be red. The planet is also tidal locked, which means that it doesn’t rotate on its axis, just like our moon’s relationship to Earth, one side of the planet is always facing away from its star and the other always facing towards it. The side of Gliese 581 c that is always facing its red dwarf star is very hot and if would melt you alive whereas the opposite side of the planet, facing away from the star is so cold that you would instantly freeze. The only part of this planet that might be able to support life is the narrow strip of land, halfway between its hot side and its icy side that is just the perfect temperature to support life.
This is the type of planet that could be visually stunning to look at that is if you are in the habital zone. I think that i will go ahead with this sort of idea for my concept art.

HD 188753 Ab

This individual planet is something you would see out of a Star Wars movie, tatooine in particular. 149 light-years from Earth is a planet with not one, not two, but three suns. This three star planet, which goes by the name of ‘HD 188753 Ab’. If you could live on this planet you would experience triple shadows, and constant eclipses as its threes parent stars cross each other’s paths. And of course you would see the some of the strangest and most beautiful sunsets and sunrises in the universe.
I like the idea of having more than one sun in the sky shinning down on the planet, it gives off a beautiful look which is visually stunning and also makes you want to be there to witness the scenery first hand. I will use this planet as a reference to help me develop some ideas for my designs.

GJ 1214b (Waterworld)

This scary and open planet is 47 light years away from Earth and goes by the name of ‘GJ 1214b’. This planet is made up entirely of water, many scientists have nicknamed this planet the waterworld. The entire surface of the planet is one giant, continuous ocean, and it remains the exactly the same for miles underneath the surface, until eventually you hit the planet’s core, which is made of solid ice. But this isn’t any ordinary ice, its not the kind of ice you would find in your freezer. Because this ice isn’t frozen due to cold temperatures. The water in the planet’s core is under such immense levels of pressure from the surface that the core has been compressed into solid ice.


This could potentially be a cool and good idea to do for my concept art design im mainly going to be focusing on landscape although i like the idea to involve some sort of unique planet that has alot of water merged with the landscape.

This is just a selected few of many planets that are interesting and crazy but i would be here all day if i talked about every known exoplanet that people have discovered over the years. While researching these beautiful planets, I’ve came to realise that anything can be possible. There are planets out there that defy our laws of physics and using those types of planets as well as the planets that do obey our laws of physics as references and research, the ideas and landscape designs that i could potentially come out with could be perfect for this project.
The next step for me is to start gathering the ideas that i have so far and do some sketches to help visualise what i can do with the concept art. I will also start to try different types of styles while designing these including just using brush strokes and being free with the designs instead of being strict and trying to make everything picture perfect.

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