FMP – Concept art inspiration from movies

As I said multiple times before, most of my main inspiration comes from movies and other artist’s work. But specifically for this project, I’m doing, the concept art of famous sci-fi movies like Star Wars and Star Trek are the main inspiration for me currently. I have been a fan of star trek and star wars since I was a child even stargate. All of these types of sci-fi movies are just interesting in general and awesome to see how people come up with crazy ideas like the designs of spaceships and weapons as well as the architecture.

I love the aesthetic and futuristic architecture that we constantly see throughout most sci-fi movies. It seems like as a human race we are using this futuristic look in movies as a goal to achieve for humanity itself, especially with advanced technology such as Artifical Intelligence, holograms and even spaceships. It’s not only beautiful to look at, it is also quite scary, believing in the fact of doomsday like in the Terminator movies, A.I or advancing our technology could potentially ruin mankind but as the human race, we are driven to change the future so anything is possible.

Andrea Dopaso

An artist called Andrea Dopaso is one of the concept artists who helped work on the new Star Trek movies with some of the futuristic looking devices as well as planets that have both technology and no technology on them as well.

I like Andrea’s work and ever since I saw her work on ‘Star Trek Into darkness’ in particular, I became slightly a fan of her work. Her compositions are all well thought out especially by trying to put enough in the composition as well as leaving a lot out which gets you curious about what it would look like on the other side of the planet and whether or not a planet like this could actually exist out there in the cosmos. This type of concept art is a true example of how I’m going to try to portray some of my ideas into the planet’s landscape. As well as ill be using different sorts of colours to help create curiosity as well as a beautiful and invigorating place so hopefully, the uniqueness of colour will come to my advantage when I start designing my concept art for a made up sci-fi movie.

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