Bomb Project – KSA: Evaluation

For this quick ‘Bomb project’, we had to create a logo and a brand along with it for a newly starting business called ‘Kent Sales Academy’ where they will train people to be better at communicating, sales, etc. The outcomes were to include a logo, a brand identity guide and any mock-ups that we could show to the client.

My main idea was to show that all this business offers to students and other people is good stuff, that it helps them in a lot of ways as well as showing a resemblance to sales itself.

With my logo design, I felt like it would be better if I kept the logo simple and not crowded/complicated because if the logo was crowded then it would most definitely not look professional at all for an academy.

Although I feel like I should have explored different color schemes a bit more as well as making the logo look a bit more modern and professional so that people would know that KSA is very professional but I don’t get that feeling when I look at my logo. The only good feelings I get when I look at my logo design is that it’s different, simple, clean and easy to look at as well as its bold and slightly creative when you think about it with the S transforming into this sales type of profit arrow going up which was inspired by just searching up the word ‘sales’.

This was a small project and I felt like if I had more time, I would have come up with a better logo itself but I’m happy with how my logo design turned out although I will need to re-create it into illustrator if the client would like to use and further my logo/branding ideas.


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