Bomb Project – KSA: Development pt.2

After I got a brief idea of what road I feel like I should go down with my sketches. I went ahead and started ruling out which logo I should go ahead with which you can see the crosses and ticks on the sketches on the previous post.

So I went ahead and replicated the sketch I had and put it into photoshop. The reason I used photoshop instead of illustrator to make the logo is because I don’t have the software at the moment but if the client would like to use the logo, I will go ahead and re-create it in illustrator so it’s actually a Vector.


All I pretty much did to create this logo was simple but yet slightly creative. I put the letters KSA together and then just joined the letters together and started editing with the S to make it into an arrow going up and the reason why I did this idea instead of using any sorts of currency for the S is because personally when I think of Sales, I think of profits and the arrow going up represents that soon as you join this academy everything will rise and be better. Well, that’s the general idea I had.

So now that I got the general logo itself and a good and decent font, it’s time to mess about with placements of the text and colors that would work.

I tried messing around with the colors and putting the text in different positions to show the client where the text could go instead of just below the logo in a straight line. I also showed that if the client likes a colored background, the client could use a different colored ‘S’ to make it stand out. Even the ‘K’ and the ‘A’ can change to any colour that the client sees fit but I feel like they should be all one colour with the ‘S’ as a different colour because I believe it makes the logo stand out a bit more especially when people are going to look at the logo and they could possibly know immediately think that this business is about sales and improving certain skills.

The reason I chose green was because it gives off the impression of success and positivity.

I went ahead and started messing around with the logos and seeing what i could do to make it different but straight away i noticed that adding more to this logo would only just ruin it, i should keep it simple and not crowded.

So i thought id just leave the logo as it is.



With text:


I added some volume to the ‘S’ so that the logo doesn’t look too flat and put different shades of green on it and I think it fits perfectly. I think that the logo looks appealing. It’s clean, simple and easy to look at as well as I think that the logo can be slightly recognizable.

The next step here is just to make a quick mockup of the brand itself so I went ahead and done a mockup on twitter to show what it will be like on their social media sites as well as on their actual site.


Straight away from looking at this mockup, the green completely stands out as the brand’s main color. I think its simple and it works.


Now that ive done a quick mockup of what the brand could look like across all platforms, the next step is to sort out the brand identity guide.


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