Bomb Project – KSA: Introduction

To start the bomb project (pretty much a fast/quick project, not a real bomb or anything) off, a client came to the campus and talked about sales and how there isn’t any type of qualifications to help people advance in the topic and other sorts of information as well as the client gave the entire class a brief which would help brand the business that the client has started which is called ‘Kent Sales Academy’. Already at this point i gathered a few ideas about what i could do.

What does KSA do?

The Kent Sales Academy (KSA) will provide well trained and highly motivated sales people to the Kent business community, which will increase the GVA of Kent and the success and competitiveness of Kent business. It will do this by delivering the following:

  • Make students aware that sales are an exciting and lucrative career opportunity and enticing them to join the KSA.
  • Test for the DNA of a sales person which is resilience, tenacity, and curiosity to ensure they are able to complete the apprenticeship and are suitable for a sales role.
  • Run sales for a beginners course in schools.
  • Finding sales apprenticeship jobs in Kent for 19-24-year-olds who will be paid above the average wage for their peer group.
  • Run a  series of 3-month sales training courses for unemployed school or university leavers linked to the traineeship funding.
  • Placing students into one-year apprenticeships where we will deliver a series of sales training courses across the year leveraging the apprenticeship funding.

What are their objectives?

The objectives of the Academy are:

  • To give students the opportunity to learn how to sell and open them up to jobs in the largest industry in the world which they are not aware of – business to business sales.
  • To give students qualifications in sales that they can use in any career in any country.
  • To provide Kent with much-needed sales talent to drive revenues in businesses.
  • To drive apprenticeships in sales in Kent in line with the new Levy that comes into play in April 2017.
  • To increase the GVA of Kent.

So what do I need to do exactly?

The client would pretty much like me and the rest of the HND2/BA Graphic design students to come up with a new, fresh and professional logo along side with a set brand that will be seen throughout KSA. They allow us to do any type of style but it must appeal to the youth (16-24-year-olds), parents and businesses.

The deliverables should be:

  • A logo.
  • Brand identity guide (preferably present on an A3 piece of paper with a nice designerly layout).
  • Any Mockups that we would like to come out with.
  • Any notes to help justify things.

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