Bomb Project – KSA: Development pt.1


Now that I got an idea of what the client would like us to do and what the business is truly about, I thought it was time to just sketch out a few ideas that came to my mind straight away.001cropped.jpg

From just a few ideas I came up with, I think I found a nice logo that is slightly professional and simple. The first thing that came to my mind when I thought of the word ‘Kent’ was gardens and fields and that has nothing to do with the company at all although gardens and fields are both greens. The reason why green is a key factor here is because when I thought of the word ‘Sales’, I immediately thought about profit and money which the color green represents in a way. When I thought about the word ‘Academy’, the main ideas that popped into mind were educational logos only and the ideas I came out with all looked like school logos which is very much not professional at all.


To help me further my ideas and to choose what I think would be better for this business, I went ahead and started looking at different types of logos, professional and unprofessional to get a better understanding of what’s out there and hasn’t been done before. Although when creating a totally new logo and brand, I think it is slightly hard to be unique because there are so many businesses out there at the moment that most of the ideas have already been done.

The first thing I decided on is that I’m definitely not doing some sort of school logo for this professional academy because I believe it might be bad and ruin the image of the business itself especially when people will think it’s just another ordinary school. One thing I’ve noticed while searching for other professional logos is that they are very simple when you actually have a good look at them and that’s what I’m going to try to aim for although I would like to have some sort of creativity in the logo instead of a simple and plain logo.


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