FMP – An idea of what I’m going to do/Proposal

After some further thinking about what i could possible do for my FMP, i have came to the conclusion that i would like to do some more conceptual art and further my skills by doing what i think could lead to something good in the future. I liked doing and the idea behind the landscape i drew in my APP and i think the whole idea of drawing something that isn’t upon Earth is quite exciting because the ideas are endless and practically in this subject i could come up with any sort of idea as well as every idea isn’t right or wrong, its pretty much based on an individuals perspective and what they could think is there.

The Idea

I was thinking about doing a book about new planets that has been discovered. I could incorporate this with star wars or the star trek universe and say its concept art of the new planets that will be featured in the next movie or just concept art for the directors/producers of the next movie. If not, i could always just create a new film company to avoid copyright issues.

I would be creating:

Concept art of the landscape of the new planets.

-I could do a piece of the planet, showing it in space.

-I will be doing the landscape of the planets (one per planet).

-I could write some information on the planet, giving the audience an idea of what its like on the planet (temperature, wind speeds, etc.)

-Will most likely do around 4-8 landscape concept art depending on the time i have.


To help me advance in this ongoing project, i will be looking at research that could benefit me. I will most likely being searching around the sci-fi genre. At the moment i will be looking at a video game called ‘No Mans Sky’ which involves exploring the universe and visiting the vast amount of randomly generated planets/solar systems. I will also be looking at sci-fi movies such as Starwars, Startrek, The martian, interstellar, etc. This will help me get an idea of what people have already done when coming up with planet landscape ideas. I will try my best to look out for Artists who are based in concept art and are fond of designing landscapes or scenes for movies. Weirdly enough, i also think i should look at stuff from like lord of the rings and artists who did landscape concept art for the movie because it could help me develop an idea for a new planet. Lastly i could and will most likely look at Earth itself but will try to look at the mysterious landscapes that we know of so far and other places like volcanoes to get an idea.

What i need to do

What i need to do before fully starting this project is that i need to know the end result so that it is easier for me to print out the final pieces at the end. For example I’m thinking that i might do a small book on these new planets and show information about it but try to make it a concept art book as well as a information book at the same time. I think it would be best if i do the designs in an A3 format if not slightly smaller than A3 but bigger than A4.


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