The start of the FMP

The starting of my final major project has begun!

As i said in my APP, i would like to go down the route of concept art because i liked creating convincing artwork of a landscape. To get a better understanding of what i would initially like to do for this major project, i went ahead and quickly done a mind map to put my thoughts down on a piece of paper and see what direction i could take.


I came up with some weird stuff that i could potentially do for this FMP for example create an alternate or parallel universe and go full out weird on it. Also had the generic idea of creating the future of Earth but considering that i have already done that in a way for my APP project, i think would steer away from that idea for now. Also came up with creating new types of characters or myths like orcs, trolls and vampire but looking back in the past especially with the app project where i had trouble trying to create unique and pointless heroes, i think would pass on creating any more characters although i would like to create a new alien with the inspiration of vespers that i saw at the design museum not to long ago.

After having a little think about the ideas that i came out with, i thought i would continue where i left off with the APP and do something around landscapes. A strong idea that came to my mind and would be easier as well is to do something with the Sci-fi genre and being that said the things that came off the top of my mind was films like star wars and star trek.  I could create new laser blasters for the star wars film series or even created a story for either the major titles. But for the time being i think I’m going to keep it landscape based as i would like to continue the style i did and even develop on it so i would need to come up with a solid idea that i can keep to and not change. As well as i got to keep a schedule for my FMP so that i can complete enough that i can present it at the end.

Next step is to discuss what i could do for my own FMP with other people preferably the tutors to see if its actually ok to create something in the star wars or star trek universe without any problems like copyright and stuff like that.


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