Lightmaker – One week brief


From their website:

We are Lightmaker – an international digital agency with nearly 20 years experience developing digital destinations and the strategies that power them. But it’s far easier to just say that we have grown up with digital.

With just over 100 Lightmakers, we are considered a small group by global agency standards. But we figured out early how to assemble small, agile teams of individuals that have vast industry knowledge while still having the ability to be flexible.

These teams treat our clients as partners to identify business challenges and develop solutions that address them. We like to think of it as “big agency reach with small agency flex”. We are Lightmaker.”

A couple of people from Lightmaker came in to give us a one week brief. They want us (the students) to individually create a campaign website fro world of tanks (a free to play tank video game). Light maker wants us to make a sort of story telling site and will constantly tell the story. We can this in any style and we can show it however we like, all we are pretty much doing is sharing our ideas to them in a presentation which will be placed friday. We are pretty much creating a concept that will help promote world of tanks in any way. We need to make sure that the site can be used on a desktop and on the mobile. Its preferable that the concept idea is clean and simple as well as interacting (doesn’t necessarily have to be interacting, all it basically needs is a story of some sorts).


One idea that i have currently straight from the top of my head from only looking at the trailers that the guys from light maker showed us from the website of is that there one tank in the middle of the composition that IS NOT destroyed but it bruised up a little but around that tank are more fell tanks from all different countries that are destroyed. The idea of interactivity is that the user could click on the tank and therefore the user can see possible real information of the crew that are or were in the tank. The information could include: Their DoB, Name, Where they are from, Notes, Poems, Collectors items, Photos, etc. Once you click on the tank, it zooms in on that individual tank that the user has clicked on with the ‘crew cards/personal’ around the tank. The user could then learn about those individuals and how they got into this position. This would show the destruction of war as well as it could show the emotional side of it (that all of these individuals are expecting to go home to their loved ones and back to their normal lives).

I think i will be sticking with that initial idea that i instantly got because i feel like its remembering the people who fought in ww2 that we forgot about. Its knowing who risked their lives to help save everyone else in their countries that they fought for. Already from the top of my head, I’m most likely going to get some research from movies like fury that mainly involves tank warfare as well as I’m going to get research on websites from other video game developer websites just to see what it common and what is not.


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