APP – Thoughts

For me, the main purpose of the APP projects was to test out and experiment with different styles that might involve a graphics tablet. I wanted to hopefully find a style with these projects that I could finally stick to now and in the future as well as only develop on this style. I think that I have found the style I have been looking for all this time in the 2116AD project. I think that this whole photo-realistic landscape style that I did for the project is a great fit for me.

Most of the problems in this APP project only consisted of the heroes section. I had trouble coming up with suitable funny ideas whereas in the end I pretty much thought of nature and used then as heroes that would be pointless. If I had to improve anything with these APP Projects, most of the improvements would have to be with the Heroes topic and the reason for this is that I had some trouble actually finalizing the designs of some of them, for example, The Ooze and Grass dude. I think that I should have spent more time on these designs or even changed the design style so that they can consist with the same style as the other designs. I can tell that I won’t be sticking to creating funny comedic cartoons anytime soon but I wouldn’t mind giving it another go but with a different subject other than pointless heroes.

The strongest project within the topics I’ve done for the APP would have to be the first project that I did for prep world (fruit factory). The reason I think and feel like this was the strongest project is that I got to show my skills while working on the project independently and in a group. I also think that I tackled the majority of the problems that were set by the client in a respectable manner to come out with the final piece that I did. Additionally, this project was the shortest project (time length) and I feel like I did more work for this project than the other 2 topics.


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