APP – Heroes: Final steps of the project

“Top Trumps is a card game published in 1968. Each card contains a list of numerical data, and the aim of the game is to compare these values to try to trump and win an opponent’s card. A wide variety of different packs of Top Trumps has been published.”

The last few steps for me to do with the project is just to put all these designs into top trump style cards and for me to do this, I first need to get a better understanding of what I could put on these cards, so I looked online for existing top trump cards.

One common thread with top trumps is that they all have the images at the top of the cards so that’s a small thing to keep in mind when I design my version of the top trump cards. Also, I noticed that on the back of the cards, there is normally a logo of the series of the top trumps so I will follow this as well just to blend my series of top trumps in.

But before I went ahead to design the initial cards itself, I needed to create some sort of quick logo/text for the topic which is ‘Pointless Heroes’. When I think of the word ‘Hero’, I immediately think of a shield of some sorts so for the design ill be using a shield to help put the topic into the right terms.

Here is the quick logo I created:

pointless heroes.png

The only problem with this quick logo that I had is the text on it. I am awful when it comes to using text in my work but for a simple logo as a concept to put on the back of the cards, it will do.

Now, most top trumps, use different colored and styled backgrounds just to fill in the blank parts on the card and because I’m doing something on some sort of heroes I’d thought I would look online to see what is a common color you would normally see in cartoons or comics with heroes in.

One thing I realized when I was searching around comics is that in the designs or sequences in the comics, the color yellow is used a lot in the background. I feel like the color yellow just represents comics in general and I’m going to use this color and the same type of pattern I have used in the background of my character designs as well to keep the consistency going although there isn’t a lot of that throughout my designs as they all have different styles.

After a little bit of messing around, this is what will be on the back of the top trump cards:

Back of TT cards.png

I think it looks good and it stands out quite a lot as well as it very simple.

One thing that I said I was going to do at the start of this project was that, I might add some educational kids nursery rhyme type of quotes on the top trump itself and as you will see later, I have added some sort of concept quote that will always remind the audience that is playing with these cards to do these things that we already know we should do but it’s kind of like reminding them to do it.

Now for the front of the top trump cards, I was originally going to use a shield to mask the design in but as you can see, it just doesn’t fit for some of the designs that I have done aId i will have to go back and sort this problem out by just make a more simplier change and I came up with this.

Here is the selection of cards I have done in HD:

I am happy with how this project turned out. I had fun making these designs and although I had some challenges and problems, I think I’ve worked most of them out and got the concept for this project done perfectly. Of course, there are a few things that I wish I could have done instead for example: completely change the style of ‘Grass Dude’ and ‘The Ooze’, I wished I could have done all these designs in a editorial type of design and maybe then there might be some concistency within all the designs.

Here is the selection design I have done in HD:



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