APP – Heroes: Research

Before I went ahead and done anything, I thought that I should look around for some research to help get my mind working in creating pointless heroes. Once I looked around a bit, I noticed that there weren’t really a lot of dumb, useless heroes created but I did manage to find some inspiration.

These are the types of useless heroes that I would love to create and design for this topic. I really like the ‘arm fall off hero’ because it is just useless but my reaction when I look at it, I cant but happen to laugh a bit at how stupid and funny the idea is. Its just like the ‘matter eating man’, its pretty much a normal guy but instead of eating normal food, its eating stuff that people wouldn’t even dream of eating like a metal fence. There are so many things wrong with these useless heroes but that the art of it, its so stupid, its just becomes funny and I think that I should do something like this or along the lines of it at least making someone smile.


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