APP – ‘Heroes’: Proposal

The last topic I chose to do for my APP is ‘Heroes’. The reason I wanted to do this topic is that as soon as I saw the topics,  I immediately had an idea of doing some sort of pointless, useless or dumb heroes. But instead of following the footsteps of the ‘2116AD’  design style, I think that I would go for a more cartoon look on this topic so that I can experiment and see if I can pull it off. I’ve never been that good at cartoon drawings but as they say ‘practice makes perfect’ so I thought I’d take a swing and have a go at trying. Also, i think that I could follow the style I used for the Prep world project considering that was slightly cartoony.



-The client for this project is a small company that has asked me to design 5-10 pointless cartoon heroes and then put them in a set of top trump cards as concepts to see if the idea of pointless heroes would work. So then later on they can decide and create more cards to finish the series so that they can sell the product.

-The age restriction for these top trump designs will be 8+.

-The client would like me to put some educational quotes for children for example adding some kids nursery rhyme that even if adults play the game, they would recognise the saying when they were a kid or even just a educational point that people should always remember to do. The heroes will be pointless but at least they are educational.

-My aim is to get at least 7 different ideas and designs done and to try to experiment with different styles that I could show to the client then they can choose what type of style they like and would be best for this top trump series.

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