APP – Heroes: More research

To help me with the sketches, I looked online at cartoon expressions for the character’s faces.

One of the things I don’t want to do with my designs is make the facial expressions look like emojis that you get from a phone. Some of the expressions that I think will suit my cartoon pointless hero designs are the one that are smirking or has a sort of evil smile going on and the reason for this is because by doing this people can determine if the certain hero is a cheeky hero or even people can tell that the certain cartoon is a evil hero.

Another thing that i don’t want to do for my designs is to make the expressions that they are making to be over the top, i feel like if the expressions were simple and just right, then it could be perfect for all ages.

Now that I got more of a understanding of different cartoon expressions whether or not they look heroic or dumb and stupid, the next step for me is to start sketching up a few pointless ideas.

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