APP – Heroes: Divergent thinking

Before I started sketching up the ideas on paper, I took 60 seconds to quickly think what a pointless super power, a hero might have.

-Wrapping power

-Turning TVs on with just your touch

But considering that doing this was hard, I changed it up and I thought, what in this world could be a boring/pointless hero and I quickly done some divergent thinking in under a minute and I came up with a list of things that were pointless or even what could funny if it was a hero.

-KFC Spork

-A snail

-A tree




-LED light

-Green goo

-A piece of poop

-A switch

-A book

-Paper clip


-A pallet





This is what I came up with in 60 seconds and a lot more ideas came to my mind this time and already I can think of a few that im going to continue and sketch them out to see if I like them or not.

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