APP – Heroes: Development pt.7

Next design: The switcher

I started this design of the same way as I did with the other designs in this project by adding the sketch into photoshop and working from there.


Because I don’t have a lot of time until the deadline, I thought I could speed up the process by quickly designing this in a sketchy manner just like what Jamie Littler does with his cartoon designs.

The next step for me to start adding color to the switch as well as the small details and the shading. Then all I would need to do then is sort the background out so it matches the character’s colors.

After I done these things, I was pretty much done with this design.


The Switcher.png

Now after I designed this type of editorial design style, I wished that I could have done this type of style at the start instead of the sharp vector type of edges style as it looks much better and would have been a cool style to get into and experiment with.

This will be the last design for the pointless heroes top trump series for this project because of the bogeyman and the ooze kind of the same concept, they are both gooey and green and I could easily mix them together in some way.

One piece of detail that I’m glad I’ve kept to is keeping the expressions on the character’s faces and simple as possible. Although they don’t look heroic at all but they do the trick.

The next step is to put these designs into top trump style cards.


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