APP – Heroes: Development pt.6

Next Design: Snail

Started by putting the sketch design into photoshop and tracing it just like with the previous designs I’ve done for this APP project.


For this design, I had to look on the internet to find a cartoon snail so that I could figure out what color a snail would be and every cartoon design is different. But this gives me a choice to look at knowing that if I use these colors, it would still look ok and still would look like a normal snail.


But I used the main colors for my snail from this small design of a snail because i did some comparison with a real snail and this is the closest the color I saw could get.

Next, I went ahead and added the color and already, it looks alright.


I then started to add some shading to make the design not look flat and to give it a slight 3d perspective to it.

I also added some grass to the design so that it can set a little idea of where the snail is and where it belongs.


This was probably the quickest design I’ve done so far out the lot I’ve already done because it was the simplest character to do.

Here is what the final image looks like:

The snail.png


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