APP – Heroes: Development pt.5

Next Design: Tree man

I know for a fact in the past, I’ve always had trouble trying to draw good looking trees, so I wanted to make sure to do this specific tree design quite simple just in case I mess it up.

But before I went ahead and started putting the sketch into photoshop and working on it, I had to quickly look around to see if what type of clean style I could go for.


I looked at vector designs for trees and I think that theses types of designs for tree specifically looks good and stands out a lot, plus they are very simple to do which is very handy with the amount of time I have left for this project.

I started the design with the wood of the tree first because later on, I’ll be overlaying different shades of green over it.


Once I got the right shade of brown for the tree, I started working on the green leaves of the tree and the shading throughout the entire design as well as starting adding small details to make it look like the tree has a small texture on it, to give it a better look.

I added blurred grass in the design as well otherwise it would have looked a bit plain with a big tree just sitting there on its own and I went ahead and started messing with the gradient for the background and I thought I would just invert the colours slightly so that the wood brown would be at the top and the green would be at the bottom.


Here is the finished HD image of the design:

Tree man.png


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