APP – Heroes: Development pt.4

Next design: The Ooze

Here is just a quick process of how I went about designing this idea.

I first put the sketch into photoshop and I traced over it but with some slight adjustments and improvements.


I then started messing around with the colors with the light/dark shades of green in certain places to make the design actually look like some sort of gooey liquid.


At this point, I had some trouble trying to get the light/dark shading to work or how to do it so I went and looked for some design that could help me sort this certain problem out.


By just looking at this, I have already gained a small understanding of what I could and need to do for certain parts of the design to make it look like its all gooey and liquidy.to4Using the image I found as a sort of reference to help me sort out some of the shadings, I can tell already that it starting to look like some sort of ooze and that I’m liking the outcome so far.

I started adding more layers of the liquid ooze to the design to give off the impression that he is this liquid type of hero.

And lastly, I just started developing on the shading and markings on the ooze to kind of give it a slight shine so that it can look like we can almost see through the ooze. I also messed around with the background colour gradients to see what look the best for the ooze but when you think of ooze, you get this dark impression and you can slightly tell that he is some evil hero, so I thought I’d add a dark coloured gradient background and it works just right for this design.

The Ooze.png

Here is the design for The Ooze.

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