APP – Heroes: Development pt.3

Now onto the 3rd design. Grass man

I thought about doing something like a vectorized type of design but I kept to the loose type of sketchy design style that I have continued to do with the designs instead.

Following the same procedure as before, I put the sketch into photoshop and started doing the grass.


Immediately, I knew that I was going to have some trouble with this design because from when I started doing the strokes for the individual lines representing grass, I couldn’t get it to look right at all. But I thought to myself that it’s probably because it just looks too plain at the moment and all it needed is some work to be put towards it. So that’s what I did, I started adding more stuff into the design.

gm2.jpgI made the grass much longer and now it’s starting to look more like a group of grass together.


Now that I am adding different shades of grass in the background and on the main group of grass, it’s starting to look a bit better. I thought about adding a mask to the grass considering this is to do with heroes and heroes prefer not to have their identity known but i thought I wouldn’t do it because I haven’t done it for the dung design either.

All I needed to do at this point was to add some detail and sort out the light/dark shadings.




Grass dude.pngHere is the 3rd finished design for my pointless heroes stack. So far, I am liking the outcomes of all the designs although I had some trouble with this design in particular but I think I fixed the slight problem through the process.


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