APP – Heroes: Development pt.2

Dung Guy

I went ahead and i put my sketch into photoshop so that i could trace over it in some way as well as give it eyes and a mouth that i think would suit the character.


Next i need to think how i could possible put colour onto the design and to do that i went online to see if i can use something that might help me get the right shade of brown for this dung (poo).


Looking at this helped me get the shade of colour for my own design and has gave me an idea of how i could do the shading on my design.


Now I’m happy with the colouring layout, all i need to do is just fill out the dung.



I gave the dung some stink lines because some people thought that this design was a potato so hopefully now they can see its a dung with the stick lines going up.


Next i just needed to add some small detail to the design as well as add in the background and for the background, i went for the same colour as the dung but i had to make sure that the colours wouldnt just blend in with the design so i had to use the light side of the gradient on the bottom of the design and the dark side on the top.

Dung guy.png



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