APP – Heroes: Development pt.1

So now i got the inspiration and ideas i wanted, i could now start coming up with the ideas by sketching them.

While I was sketching the ideas I had, I gave the pointless heroes temporary hero names for example: Captain Condom, tree man, The ooze, etc. Because considering that this is mainly for kids, i thought i’d just give the pointless dumb heroes some boring dumb names to fit the scenario.

Considering that I’m trying to keep my designs to be some sort of cartoons, I thought I would have a look at some artists and I noticed this artists called ‘Jamie Littler’. He makes illustrations for books and other projects but his type of designs are like a kids based cartoon design and that’s sort of what I’m striving to achieve in my designs. What I love about Jamie Littler illustrations is how he doesn’t put too much detail into his work but in fact looks like a kind of quick kids cartoon sketch and they suit the kids cartoon style perfectly.

I went around to see what I could find to help me get a better idea of actually developing the idea in Photoshop.

I found some images online that could help me develop my ideas on the computer even more. The thing is, I want to keep these designs mainly 2d instead of 3d (of course ill be doing light/shadows), the reason for this, is because an artists called Jamie Littler does kids cartoons as well and i really like the type of quick sketch-type of designs he uses.

Although you can tell the designs are slightly 3D. you can also tell that there is not a lot of detail in there and thats the type of design I’m hoping to do for my ideas. I also like that Jamie Littler is not afraid to use vibrant coloured backgrounds in any of his book designs as well as Jamie doesn’t really care if the colour exceeds over the black lines because it adds a more loose feel to the designs so that it can give it a more hand drawn effect.

I next went ahead and started putting my first sketch into photoshop.

Captain Condom


When i put the condom design into to photoshop, i had a little trouble trying to find the perfect face expression that wouldn’t come out inappropriate or anything like that. For example the screenshot above, i personally think, is a bit inappropriate due to his massive smile. I think its inappropriate because i feel like it comes off a bit pervy so i went ahead and change it into a simpler smile that wouldn’t give off the wrong impressions.


Now i got the smile sorted out, i looked online to see what colour would be perfect for a condom. A regular cartoon condom that is.

One thing i noticed is that most designs use different colours to other people so id thought id just make the condom into a pinkish, beigey colour.


Once i got the colours all sorted out, the next step to add more detail into the design.


The only reason i added a cape to my design is because he is a captain and i believe that he is important enough to have one rather than the other pointless heroes. A pointless cape for a pointless hero.


I then added some shading and lighting to the design itself to give the 2d object some depth and to not just keep the idea all one colour and being boring.

Considering that this is pretty much done, the next step is to think of what i could put into the background. To create a suitable background, i first needed to get some idea of what other types of cartoons/comics have used for their designs.

I started looking into the marvel and dc comics and one thing i realised is that they like to use the shade of colour of one of the characters clothing that is in the shot. So i went back into photoshop and started messing around with patterns and gradients of colours. I finished and came out with:

Captain Condom.png

I really like how i designed this idea i had and i really like the idea that i portrayed as well as whenever i look at the design, it gives me a smile so i know that the design has worked.


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