APP – 2116AD: Post-apocalyptic movies

I know I’ve seen multiple movies in the past that shows a post-apocalypse scenario and I thought if I’d rewatch them and watch some more movies, I could get some ideas to help create a piece of concept art for a new post-apocalypse world.

I watched the famous movie called ‘Mad Max: fury road’ and I realized that it is set in a different but very similar type of post-apocalypse world that what I want to do. At the start of the movie, it shows a brief few minutes of how and why this world has become full of this desert, barren wasteland and it’s like what my story for my project is. In the movie, it says that there was a nuclear skirmish and that the earth is dry and salty. I personally don’t believe that this is what will happen in a global thermonuclear skirmish happened, although it is a theory, it does have some factors that I could use in my work.

I haven’t watched the movie called ‘The Road’ but just looking at the images from the film, I feel like it could be the perfect film to use for inspiration especially with the image above with the long road and broken pylons and poles everywhere with individuals slowly walking away. I just like this idea for some reason, probably because it shows that the world has been destroyed and is in ruins as well as it shows another theory as to what a post-apocalypse scenario looks like.

Considering that most films and designs show different types of factors to the post-apocalyptic scene, I think it would be best to not have any individual in the design at the moment but only to show what destruction has happened with this world’s nuclear fallout. Theses types of films are great to watch and are a great inspiration for me.



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