APP – 2116AD: Final Piece & Evaluation


Here is the final piece. A piece of concept art of the new post-apocalypse world that I designed for the client.


The main idea for this project is that in 2016, nuclear bombs have been dropped all across the globe and now 99% of the population has been destroyed along with the wildlife. I am to design concept art (whether its multiple designs or not) to what I think the aftermath of the thermonuclear war looks like 100 years in the future in 2116AD.

One of the things that I wished I could have had or have done was to have more time actually creating more concepts because I really enjoyed making theses but with the dissertation being a slight problem for me considering that I’ve always had problems with essays, I didn’t do as good as I expected. I feel like I could have created more concept art only if I didn’t have problems with the dissertation.

Other than that I’m happy with what I have accomplished in this ‘realistic to the eye’ piece. An aim for myself in the topic for me was to find a style of designing that I could initially stick to in the future as well as gain a skill of making the concept art look sort of photo-realistic but of course not too realistic that you can’t see the actual artwork. I want people to be able to see the some of the brush strokes on the canvas and i believe that i have achieved this.

But looking back at the design I feel like I could have added more debris in the canvas so that it looks like the nuclear bombs done major damage or even add part of a broken roof just lying there on the floor. Another thing that I could have done was create this during the day but have loads of clouds to give the concept art a dark, depressing feel to it. Also i wish i had more time to fix the radioactive fire clouds in the background to make them look better than what they look like now as well as I think I should have done another piece of concept art considering all I did was just one detail concept art but I didn’t have a lot of time to complete this. So next time when i design, I will make sure that I do better time management with all the projects that I have going on so that I can meet up with deadlines and have multiple finished pieces.


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