APP – 2116AD: Development pt.3

Pretty much the next step I will be undertaking is just filling the background of the concept art as well as maintaining the post-apocalypse scene.

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Since the beginning of this project, when I talked about nuclear bombs and such, I’ve always wanted to add a sort of nuclear fire sky/clouds in this design. So I went ahead and added the radioactive fire clouds in the distance behind the building but I think that people will mistake it for artificial light or even a fire.


Once I got the city in the background done, I thought that the design itself didn’t look like a post-apocalypse place, as well as I thought the design need more. so I went on the game fallout 4 and realized that in the game, there are a lot of dead trees just lying on the ground as well as trees that are standing perfectly up but has no leaves what so ever.

Using this to my advantage, I went ahead and added a couple of trees into the design.


Now that I get the impression that something bad has destroyed these trees, I thought that there wasn’t much else to put into the composition.

All I did next was just sorting out a few things and adding more light/dark highlights as well as I thought I would add a small color correction to the design to sort out some irregularities.

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A slight change in the color of the mood on the design and it just changes the whole scene. I really like how the light/dark highlights turned out as well as the slight color correction change.



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