APP – 2116AD: Development pt.2

Now it’s time to start adding to the sides of the composition and I think that I’m going to stick with dirt rather than a desert-like soil as I will be showing a city in the background with loads of buildings and it would be logical to have dirt because there are not many civilised cities in the desert.

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After I got the dirt part of the sides done, to improve on it, I thought I should add a dirt texture over it to give it more volume.


Now I got and added the texture on the dirt itself, I feel like the dirt just feels plain on its own. So I decided to play around and started adding grass and debris to give it the post-apocalypse and empty feel. To help me get an idea of what debris I could put in the design, I had to look at even more images to see what is common and by the looks of its pallets, wood, and broken furniture seems to be popular when you look up debris.


I didn’t want to add too much and fill the entire design full of debris because I want to keep the design clean and not too crowded otherwise having too much debris might ruin the atmosphere of the work.

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Once the grass and the small amounts of debris looked good enough, I went ahead and added some pylons into the design that are broken like the ones in the movie ‘The Road’.


Having pylons in this time period can be a little stupid, to be honest, because the nuclear blast wave would have completely destroyed everything and you would really see standing pylons anywhere near the blast radius. But I want to show that there are people still trying to rebuild the ‘NEW’ civilization so having dodgy pylons up could potentially show and give that impression. Well, that’s what I am hoping for.

Next, i started sketching and designing a destroyed car that is inspired by the 1940/50s to fill up the right-hand side of the concept art.

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Next step for me is to start doing the background and add more stuff that would represent a post-apocalypse scenario into the design. Currently, I am happy with how this concept art is looking and I’m starting to like the style I have currently created for myself to stick to.


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