APP – 2116AD: Development pt.1

Now I looked through some research on the post-apocalypse genre and about nuclear bombs, I feel like its time to at least start my journey into creating a concept art for the imaginary client.

So to start off, I went ahead and sketched up a few ideas to see what I could do with the composition of the design. I know that I want to show the destruction of the global thermonuclear skirmish, but I also want to show that the people who survived the bombs are actually slowly rebuilding a city of some sorts. I also want to add a sense of drama into the image as well as a story so that when people just look at the image, they can come up with theories of what is happening or have happened but I can’t look focus on the objective of creating concept art for a games company for a new game.

Once I quickly sketched a few ideas and tried different compositions, realized that i liked the idea of having a road leading to the horizon with something at the end. So now I got the main idea/concept all sketched up. I felt like it was time to go ahead and start designing the actual concept art.

I decided to use an A4 resolution with a solid 300ppi. I also feel like I should try to make this concept art as detailed as I can as well as trying to find a specific style that will suit me and I could potentially use in the future.


But for my design, the first thing I wanted to do was start with the road part so then I can work around that and help me create this broken road, I went ahead and looked up roads that were damaged.

Now that I got a slight idea of what broken roads look like with the shading on certain areas, I went ahead and started quickly sketching a broken road.


Having a nice quick sketch of a broken road done, stopping about half way up the canvas to show the top of the hill on the horizon going towards the destroyed buildings. The next step was to quickly decide whether or not if I would like the art to be set at night or during the day and having come up with a quick solution, I thought it would be best to have the art set at night to create a certain dark mood within the design. So I looked up night time to see how colors look on certain objects when there is no artificial light around to illuminate the area.

After seeing that during the night, everything seems to be a shade of blue with only the moon just giving the planet a nice shine to it. Now I can go ahead and start adding some basic colors to the road to make it look sort of realistic and all 3D.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now that I got most of the road done, I went online to find a free to use texture to help give the road a better look and not just a plain look. Plus adding a grit texture to the road will make it seem a bit more realistic.


Now that the road is pretty much finished, the next step will be to start on the sides and find what i can put on the bottom half of this design.




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