APP – ‘2116AD’

I chose 2116AD as one of the topics to do for my APP. The reason I have chosen 2116AD in the first place is because there are a lot of multiple directions I can take the topic. Considering that I did a dissertation about fantasy art itself and what should be considered when an artist is creating some fantasy artwork, I believe doing this topic could only put a step forward in achieving my goal of becoming a fantasy artist or even a concept artist. However, some ideas I had for this specific topic included:

-The logical route where everything in 100 years in the future is quite futuristic, where there are flying cars, holograms, teleportation devices and other types of sci-fi equipment you would see in movies.

-An idea I had was to do a post-apocalyptic scenario where in fact the technology has gone back in time instead of forward and kinda made a turn to a steampunk genre.

-An epidemic has occurred and now 90% of the human race has been destroyed by flesh eating zombies or viruses.

-Considering a large amount of nuclear weapons that have been tested in the past and the not-stopping rising number of the nuclear material. A global thermonuclear war could potentially happen. I could show the brink of this war or even the aftermath of this war several years later where most of the nuclear stuff has gone but has literally left nothing behind.

Coming to a specific topic

After doing a lot of digging around to find inspiration and even more ideas, I came to the conclusion that most of the ideas I had were nothing that I wanted to do until I had a good conversation with a friend and a tutor about nuclear weapons and the amount of destruction that they can cause. We looked at how some people actually survived the nuclear bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima and we also looked at the tsar bomb, which is Tsar bomba which was the Western nickname for the Soviet RDS-220 hydrogen bomb, the most powerful nuclear weapon ever detonated. Its test on October 30, 1961, remains the most powerful human-made explosion in history.

Once we knew what the most powerful bomb could potentially do, we started going over some theories that could happen in the future if we did have a world war and thermonuclear war happened to be the main topic of discussion.

After we looked at nuclear weapons and what they can do to houses with the video about which house would survive a nuclear bomb (link to the video here: I decided to quickly look at some concept work that involved a nuclear bomb or the destruction it caused.

So after looking specifically into the topic of nuclear war, i realised that i kinda want to do something that involves the aftermath of a nuclear war that happened across the globe, where almost all of the population on Earth has been eradicated, debris everywhere, nothing but a dark, dead place and reminents of the past standing on broken soil (or bricks). It will also come under a sort of post-apocalypse theme as well considering that is what one of my other ideas consisted of.

Proposal (of sorts)

-I will be designing some concept art for a games company for one of their new games that they will be developing on in the future.

-In 2016, nuclear bombs have been dropped all across the globe and now 99% of the population has been destroyed along with the wildlife. I am to design concept art (whether it multiple or not) to what I think the aftermath of the thermonuclear war looks like 100 years in the future in 2116AD.

-To make sure that I get this done in time, I will be keeping a schedule of doing all of the research and getting the idea before I set out to design just to make sure I get the right idea for designing the concept art.

-The age audience for the game will be mostly for teenagers or anyone above the age of 15 as the game will be 15+.

-An aim for myself in the topic is to find a style of designing that I could initially stick to in the future as well as gain a skill of making the concept art look sort of photo-realistic but of course not too realistic that you can’t see the actual artwork. I want people to be able to see the some of the brush strokes on the canvas.

-Video games are normally running in the resolution of 1280×720 or 1980×1080 so I would need to consider this when I am in the designing stages although I’m only doing the concept art of the game, I could do it in different resolutions.

-A way to get research for this topic for me would be to look at other concept art in the post-apocalypse, disasters that have already happened in real life that left a lot of destruction behind and I will be looking at movies such as mad max and current video games in the current genre, for example, the game called Fallout created by Bethesda.



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