APP – 2116AD: Some Existing Concept Art

The first thing I needed to do was to get a better knowledge and look around to see what other concept art is out there already. And one thing is for sure, there are a lot of art in the post-apocalypse genre and this is a good thing because this can help me understand what the basics of a post-apocalypse theme are.

I noticed that in this selection of post-apocalypse concept art, there are still a lot of activity although there are no one around in the art. I also noticed that everyone has taken up the idea of a post-apocalyptic world differently and this can show that there is no right or wrong design, there is only what you can imagine especially considering that we really witnessed a post-apocalypse scenario.  Another thing about this designs that have in common is that they all most use buildings as some sort of symbol to show the world that has been destroyed.

Looking at these has given me a few ideas that I think could help get an idea going. For example, I like the idea of having a long road leading to somewhere, whether it leads you to somewhere important, it’s irrelevant. It’s how lonely the road is without anyone in sight and this can give a piece of art a mood for an audience to feel. I also like the idea that you start to notice what the place is, although it has been destroyed, it helps people actually believe that this could happen in the future. One thing I like most of the concept art is that there is a common trend of the use of the colour orange to depict the post-apocalypse scenario but I don’t feel like it is necessary to include this in the work especially when there are other ways to help portray this like a destroyed place but it’s full of green (moss type of stuff)


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