APP – 2116AD: Real life disasters

Although it’s depressing to look at but looking at these types of images, especially the real-life disasters that happens with tsunamis, it helps me get a good understanding of what it may look like 100 years later of global thermonuclear destruction. If there were nuclear bombs dropped everywhere on earth at one, they could potentially set of a chain reaction with nature, for example people talking about a nuclear winter, you could shake the very Earth itself and move its tectonic plates which could also create tsunamis (anything could happen, but all we know of what will be there is inevitable destruction).If you think about it a nuclear bomb blast is kinda like a tsunami, the power of the bomb would create a powerful force that would burn someone to death and tear away buildings so I could technically use these images as references to help me create some sort of landscape for the concept art. There would be debris everywhere, destroyed buildings, no one around etc. I could always look back these type of images to get an idea of what I could add in my design.


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