APP – Fruit Factory: Evaluation

The main idea of the brief for this project was to come up with some sort of campaign that would help and tell the employees that work at in the prepworld factory to stop or even reduce the waste of fruit. But they explained to us that we need to take the language barrier, environemnt and the hygiene conditions into consideration as well as making sure that the design will appeal to everyone that works at the factory. Whereas after the first presentation meeting we did for the groups, we gathered more information that they like the designs that were fun and comical as well as they especially liked the whole idea about the journey of the fruit.

My idea for this project was to show the heaven/hell type of scenario for the lives of fruit in relation to where the fruit belong and where people have dropped the fruit on the floor accidently. For example fruit are happier in a container and to them its the place of dreams whereas fruit that has been dropped on the floor and stomped on is a place of nightmares for the fruit. So I wanted to show this as if the fruit are alive, give them human features, give them human expressions etc. By doing this i thought it would give the workers a whole new perspective to think about when handling the fruit. The reason for this idea was to, hopefully  help tackle the reckless waste of fruit within the factory where individuals have dropped fruit on the floor, hopefully this idea will help people take care of fruit more when handling them and to not waste their lives away.

But when looking back at the design i feel like i could have made it more into a journey towards their decided fate (in a package or on the floor, squashed) instead of like showing the two types of destiny that the fruit have (in which us, humans, have control of). However, i do feel like i have confronted the waste issue that was at hand by trying to tell the workers that the fruit are beautiful and precious and that they shouldnt waste their lives away.

I think that the outcome of the idea by using a laminated magnetic strip of the poster design on the machinery is a good idea because its small enough to take off and clean if ever dirty, there is also no hygienic problems with it being on the machines but i do think that it could be a distratcion to the workers thou and thats not good, especailly when some of the employees are handling knives but then again its their decision to look at the design whenever. The reason why i chose a laminated magnetic strip instead of a poster on a wall in like the cafeteria/eating place is because a poster is just straight boring and normally people would look at the poster maybe once or twice and forget about it, so i think the magnetic strip, with it being around the workers while working in a boring environment would allow them to look at the design on the machinery more than just a few times. I want the employees to have this design in their head that they shouldnt waste away the lives of the fruit and therefore preventing alot of waste.

I am quite happy with my idea/design and the message that it should achieve to send to the employees of Prepworld. I think that if i had more time to design, i would have created a 4 step journey for both package and on floor outcomes of the fruit. However, i think the 2nd part of my design is a bit too dark to be used but using dark imagery does send its messages thou. Like you wouldnt accidently drop a baby at all so why would you accidently drop fruit on the floor and produce waste?


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