APP – Fruit Factory: Individual work development

Once we got our feedback from our group work we did (My group was called ‘Fruit beauty’), we were told to go work individually and create our own ideas related to the group work. After looking around for inspiration or a motive, I gathered an idea.

While going through the images that other pupils took when they went to the prep-world factory to see what problems that prep-world has, I noticed that there were fruit all over the floor and tread on (what a waste or good fruit). Although when a guy from prep-world came in and told us about there being alot of waste in the fruit including people dropping fruit on the floor accidently, I didn’t really notice how bad the situation is when you think about it. So basically, these fruit have came across the entire world, just to be accidently dropped on the floor recklessly. So I thought about this problem and wanted to base my idea on it. So i felt like i needed to address the workers in some way that they need to be more careful with the fruit and not drop them on the floor by any means necessary.


After going through some options that I came up with, I narrowed it down to help the people who work at the prep-world factory to be more careful with the fruit and the main idea I had was to show this in a poster type format that the fruit has lives and that we as human beings would need to take care of the fruit because their lives matter as they are living beings.

So i went ahead and start drawing some ideas i had. while quickly sketching small drawings of damaged fruit, i immediately thought about doing a sort of contrast where in one illustration the fruit are in their happy land and the other illustration, the fruit are in a devastating and shocking environment. Here is the small drawings:

As I figured out and wanted my idea to look sort of like a cartoon type of drawing, I went ahead to research cartoons that portrayed fruit in them. This is where I found and looked at the new funny cartoon movie based around food itself called ‘Sausage Party’:

The movie had some scenes in it that really gave me some inspiration and a better understanding on what i would like to do. Also the movie gave me some ideas for expressions that i could make for the fruit in both happy and destressing scenes. The food in the film also believed that staying in the package is a good and happy thing but when the packaged food left their packages and were scattered along the floor where human could crush and destory, it was like hell to the food and thats the type of contrasting design i would like to go for.

After a little bit of snooping around, I finally figured out what I wanted to do as my final piece.

So I gave it some thought, and took some photos of fruit in and out of their packages so that I could use this as a reference to draw an idea later on as well as I took photos of the fruit on the floor in my kitchen so that I could re-enact what it would have looked like with the fruit that was all over the prep-world’s factory floor (I didn’t waste any fruit, if you were thinking about that – I pressed down the fruit on a clean surface with my thumb so it could look like a piece of fruit that was stomped on and ate the fruit afterwards).

After i took these photos that i could possibly use as a reference to help me draw my designs quicker, i then went ahead and looked at different cartoon expressions to help me design or come up with a certain face expression style of my own:

I found alot of different style of expressions that i could use as reference to create my own sort of expression. The reason why i feel like putting expressions/faces on the fruit itself is because it humanises the fruit and it gives off this fun, comical look. With the different sorts of languages that people speak in the prepworld factory, there is a language barrier for most of the workers so i felt like using cartoon expressions would be there to express the words in all languages.

I also went ahead to look at some fruit poster designs to see if i can get any more inspiration that could further develop my main idea.


I didnt find much but i did like this poster design and the way the designer thought about using strawberrys as fish. This is the type of creative thinking that i would like to think about doing. Also another thing about this poster design that got me thinking about is the amount of free space there were in the design which makes sure that the design is not full of stuff and has room to breath. This got me thinking about whether or no i want to make my designs full of stuff or to have a reasonable amount of free space in my design.

Now i got most of the insipration, sketches and ideas that i need at the moment, all i need to do now is to go ahead and actually experiment with photoshop and create the final outcome. I will also need to keep in mind that the company has people who work there that speak different lagnuages and think about how to portray the idea as well as wether or not it is hygenic for the work area.


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