APP – Fruit Factory: Individual work development pt.3

Now that ive done the first part of the design, regarding the happy place for fruit and where they belong which is in their packages/containers, it is now time to go ahead and start designing the second part of the porject. The reason it is the second part of the project of mine is because i have an idea of a A4/A3 type of poster to portray the expressions of the fruit in two different environments, In their containers and on the floor. With this idea and poster in the prep-world factory, I hope that it can possibly help tackle the reckless waste of fruit within the factory where individuals have dropped fruit on the floor, hopefully this idea will help people take care of fruit more when handling them and to not waste their lives away.

So for the second design, i repeated exactly what i did with the first design but the first thing i did was draw the shapes of a few normal healthy few and a few squashed fruit with a boot that stomped on them, just so that i can position everything around until im satisfied with how it looks.


The reason why most of the lines on the squashed fruit is a much lower opacity than the other lines is beacuse that is where the insides of the fruit will be coming out of. Also I wanted to include a boot in the design and specifically a boot that the workers from prepworld uses so that when they see the design, they will hopefully notice the boot is from their factory and that one of the workers has accidently stomped on the fruit. But its quite hard to find a pair of boots that the workers from prepworld are using because all the boots or wellies are completely different. So i just went ahead and used this boot for reference:


The next step was to add colour and a floor that looks like what the prepworld factory has:


First of in order for me to actually draw the squashed fruit, i had to use a reference and for this i used one of the photos i took with a few squashed fruit in it. I also looked online for cartoon afraid/scared expression and dead expressions as reference so that i could put it on all of the fruit in the design. Next i also had to look at a photo that someone else took of the prepworld factory so that i could understands what their floor looks like, the texture of the floor and what colour it was.


Once i was happy how the floor and fruit looked, i went ahead and started to mess around with the shading while keeping the source of light at the top of design as they are in a factory with light everywhere. I also had to use one of my photos i took before to get an idea of what a piece of fruit’s shading would look like in a factory.


Once i was satisfied with this i wanted to make the design slightly more dark, but not too dark that its fully depressing for other people to look at.


I added blood on the squashed fruit instead of what you normally see in a grape beacuse i wanted to humanise the fruit itself so like when the workers think about it, when they have accidently dropped and stomped on the fruit, they have murdered and wasted their lives away.


Finally i lowered the saturation/vibrance of the entire design so that it gives off this more depressing/sad theme to this part of the design.

So here is the final design:


Im really happy with this design but if i had to go back and change anything it would be the whole perspective of the design beacuse you cant exactly quite tell that its from in a factory, if there were machinery in the background and other people’s leg, i think then it would have been slightly more noticable than what i have done.

The next step is to put the 2 designs together and figure out where in the prepworld work place these designs can go.


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