APP – Fruit Factory: Individual work development pt.2

After going over my ideas, sketches and inspiration i felt like i should do the idea for my project as this sort of heaven/hell type of scenario for the lives of fruit in relation to where the fruit belong. For example fruit are happier in a container and to them its the place of dreams whereas fruit that has been dropped on the floor and stomped on is a place of nightmares for the fruit. So I wanted to show this as if the fruit are alive in a cartoon type of way.

In order to do show that this is a sort of a contrasting heaven and hell type of scenario, i would need to find what i can use to imply that the fruit are happy in their containers and are sad, shocked when on the floor.

When i type in happy place, i get stuff on google images like this:


You can clearly see that this is a happy place, especially with life flowing through the image and colours that represent happiness as well as the rainbow in the background helps gives this happy place a more magical feel to it. Also this image is fully saturated with nothing broken. But when i type sad place, i get stuff like this:


Where there is hardly any colour, objects are broken and the mood is inevitably depressing and lonely. Looking at these images has helped me gain an understanding of what i could incorporate in my designs and therefore gave me inspirations that i could furher my ideas/designs.

With the images i took of the fruit being in the containers, i then went ahead and done a simple drawing of the container with the fruit in it. I did some thinking of whether i should draw the whole design from hand by using a graphics tablet or just use the pen tool to create a easy and simple design with. So after experimenting in photoshop, i figured it would be better to use the pen tool because perfect fruit normally have perfect edges in which are smooth with no bumps or lumps on it. So i quickly pen tooled the package with the fruit in it as well as including simple colours to show what type of fruit there are in the package.


Then after this i went ahead and started drawing random happy expression/faces on the fruit to see what they look like:


I immediately liked the look of the design already, the faces all resemble that they are happy, chilled out or shocked that they are in a brilliant place. The next step for the design was to work on the shading and i had to look at a reference for this especially when there are layers of fruit in the design. Once i looked at the reference i noticed the light was coming from the top of the package so i had to make sure the shading looked somewhat realistic.


It took me a few try to get some of the shading just right but i finally got to what i thought was good enough for the design. But it still didnt look right enough, so i went back to the reference and looked at it closely and realised i have no sort of reflections for the package, so i fix that problem and finally create the final outcome for the package:


Now it looks like a see through package.

The next step was to think of what i could put in the background to create the final outcome and i used the image from when i looked up happy place on google images as inspiration and created this:


The idea was to create perspective to the design as well so that the background would be blury and the package would be floating in the air above some grass which is also blurred but not fully.

When i add the background and the container design together it looks like this:

PrepWorld final Design 1-3.jpg

I am incredibly happy with this design and how i managed to keep to my initial sketches slightly. I also think that the fruit faces is good enough to imply that they are happy which hopefully the people who work at prepworld immediately realises.

The whole idea for my project is to tell the people who work at prepworld regarding the language barrier that the fruit they are handling needs to be handled with care and for instance to not waste away their cute fruit lives.

Now that i have done the happy side of the design, the next step is go ahead and draw the nightmare side for the fruit to develop the contrasting idea i had which takes place on the floor, where no fruit is safe.


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