APP – Fruit Factory: Group development

For this project, we have been assigned to create some sort of campaign that will help reduce wastage within the PW fruit packing factory. This project will be in two parts, the first part will include us working in groups to create a simple and quick campaign and the second part will include us all working individually on our own ideas which can be slightly based on any of the group campaigns if we chose to. We will be presenting both of the projects to the company’s CEO.

We were also invited to the factory to take a look first hand at the working environment and to get a better understanding at how things work and to see what problems there are but unfortunately I didnt attend to this trip to the prepworld factory.

So at the start of this project, the tutors put us into all into different, random groups to come up with an idea for each group.

The whole idea is to create something for this company called PW so that it could impact the company from inside whether its to reduce waste, to show how the fruit got the factory or even just something fun that the workers in the company could feel motivated to go to. Well in whatever we decide to do, we need to think about whether the design is sustainable, is the design ethical, and whether or not the people who works at the company understands the design.

First our group went ahead and started brain storming ideas and what we could do.

After we all telled each other all of our ideas, we all finally decided to do something fun as well as to show where the fruit came from so we all decided to go along with the idea of a beauty pageant but for fruit. Its different, fun and comical. Now all we needed was a group name and after going through several names, we finally decided on ‘Fruit Beauty’.

My groups project name was called Fruit beauty and it’s pretty much a beauty pageant but with fruit that has came from all of the world and it’s to show a fun side to the fruit as well as to show that fruit is beautiful and we shouldn’t destroy them in any way which also means preventing waste.

Once we decided what we were finally going to do, we all were assigned to different roles to ensure that we got the work done quickly and before the deadline without any issues which gladly there were none. My role was pretty much being the assembler of the whole idea. I had to assemble all the little ideas and cute designs that the other people in my group designed in the final design, like we had the map being in the background with the journey of the fruit and where they came from, the fruit itself being all cute as well as assembling the whole stage stage using reference from clip art images:

I used these images to help me build the main structure of the stage as well as the idea of putting a cute spotlight on the fruit.

During the time, our group worked together, we all communicated well and helped each other if we could with each other’s certain skills and we also checked up on with everyone else to see if they are making any progress which gladly everyone completed their tasks on time and without any sort of problems and I think as a group we nailed it! It was a nice chill experience and it also helped us to get to know each other. It was also awesome to see that although we didn’t know each other that we’ll, we could still work perfectly as a group to get the job done.

For our group work that I helped in creating, I feel like we worked perfectly as a team and all had our says in our own ideas and all cleanly voted on what ideas would be a perfect fit for a great idea.

At the end, when everyone done their designs (or helped with), and i asembled them together. This is what the final outcome for the group’s design is:


I think this design is great. It shows that the fruit is beautiful and it gives me a whole new perspective to fruit now, it shows where the fruit comes from and its cute and fun. I also think that the workers at prepworld would recognise that this is a beauty pageant and even with the language barrier for most of the workers, i think this design speaks in all languages.

I think as a group we have came to design perfectly and i wouldnt mind working with this group again in the future!

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